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Put my expertise to work for you.  I am proud to have received the following testamonials.
I golfed last Friday and Sunday and played much better than I normally do. Even birdied a par 5 (whoa). The BF was impressed. Looking forward to seeing you next Wednesday.
LK  9/8/16

I played The Falls today with the Metro St. Louis Seniors golf league. I shot a 95 - finally broke the magic 100 barrier. Wohoo! 50/45 from the forward tees.  It is all starting to come together. Thanks again!  JK 6/1/16

Jill - I played in league at The Falls today and was 8 strokes better than last week--thanks to the lesson last Thursday. NR 7/14/14

"Putting has always been the worst part of my game, the one lesson you gave me made such a difference.  The weekend after the lesson I one putting 12 out of 18 holes!!  My scramble team had never seen me "work" the greens like that before!  I was the best game I have played in 20 years!  Thanks so much!  LC 7/26/12

"There are plenty of gadgets which promise to fix your golf game, and plenty of other golfers eager to give advise, but the only thing my golf game needed was Jill Bertram.  I was 52 when I started, I did take a friends advise and called Jill.  I quickly appreciated her skill as a teacher, patient and articulate.  As my game has grown, her instruction has evolved to fit me! The only mistake I made was skipping my spring tune-up last year, and I paid for it all season.  This year, after my spring tune-up I shot my lowest nine hole score ever....48!!!! - CB 4/4/12

"I golfed Wednesday and shot a 104. My personal best! Your words were my matra in my head at set up and follow through!! Thanks so much. I look forward to seeing you again when I'm in the Stl. area" - KC 6/27/11

"I shot a 92 at MO Bluffs on Saturday--my BEST EVER score there.  I stayed relaxed and also focused on the tips you gave me in our recent pitching and putting lesson.  You've helped my games in more ways than you'll ever know!" PM 4/3/11

"Jill - I just had to tell you - I shot an 88 today...my goal has been for years to break 90 and I finally did it! And here's the best part...I shot a 49 on the first nine and a 39 on the back! That 39 is incredible - I can't hardly believe it. I have never played 18 holes where I had more than 3 or 4 pars, at the most, and today I had 9! When I posted my score at the GHIN site it said that my score was outside my normal scoring range and I would have to hit enter again if I wanted to record that score!!! Thank you, thank you!...and I'll see you Tuesday." - CS 8/7/10

"I did great last night. I am ready to challenge anyone!!! I had a good drive on every hole. Did great with my irons and my wedge." - TF 7/14/10 

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"I shot a 41 today. I have to thank you for being able to achieve these scores. Love this game." - PR 8/7/09